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Thursday, 21 December 2017 08:10

More than 2,700 initiative groups for collecting signatures of voters registered in the Minsk region

Written by  BELTA

In the Minsk region, 2,714 initiative groups for the collection of signatures in support of persons proposed to nominate local councils of the 28th convocation have been registered. This was announced today at a briefing by the chairman of the regional electoral committee Lyudmila Kananovich, BelTA has learned.

"In the Minsk region, registration of initiative groups has been completed, of which 2,714 such groups will collect 113 signatures in support of prospective candidates for the deputies of the regional council, 556 deputies of district councils, 25 in Zhodino city council, and Soviets of cities of regional subordination (Zaslavl , Fanipol) - 24, in settlement - 37, in rural - 1 959 ", - informed Lyudmila Kananovich.

Most initiative groups (an average of 1.9) per electoral district will collect signatures for candidates for deputies of the regional council. The chairman of the election commission stressed that this form of work is gaining popularity, which can be judged in comparison with past local elections. It primarily involves knowing the likely candidates with their constituents.

Lyudmila Kananovich recalled that in the Minsk region the number of places banned for campaigning in local elections has been minimized. Such democratic conditions will give candidates more opportunities, make elections more open and transparent.

There are 247 territorial election commissions of the regional, district, city, village and rural levels in the Minsk region. 60 district electoral commissions for elections to the Minsk Regional Council of Deputies have been formed. The composition of district commissions included 660 people (on average 11 people in each commission). About 45% of their members are public associations, 2.5% - political parties. The most actively nominated representatives to the district election commissions of the NGO "Belaya Rus", the Belarusian Women's Union, and the FPB. Lyudmila Kananovich also noted that the Minsk Regional Electoral Commission received no complaints or appeals from the participants of the current electoral campaign.

The process of forming polling stations in local elections was completed in the central region. A total of 991 sites have been formed, of which 36 will be located in sanatoriums, dispensaries, rest homes, hospitals and other healthcare organizations providing medical assistance in stationary conditions, and five - in military units. Compared to previous elections, the number of polling stations has decreased somewhat, which is related to their enlargement and optimizations, as well as to demographic processes.

The process of forming precinct election commissions continues. Executive committees forming commissions on official websites published reports on the time and place of receipt of documents, as well as schedules of the executive committees on December 30-31. Precinct election commissions should be formed no later than January 3. The nomination of candidates for local councils of the 28th convocation began on December 10 and will continue until January 8 inclusive. From 9 to 18 January there will be a stage of registration of candidates.

Local elections in Belarus are scheduled for February 18, 2018. A total of just over 18,000 mandates will be distributed between the deputies. The period of the pre-election campaign will last until February 18.

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