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Alexander Turchin presented state awards to mothers of many children in Minsk Oblast


On the eve of Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus, 37 mothers of many children in the Minsk region were awarded the Order of the Mother. The presentation of valuable awards took place within the walls of the National Library.

Women are unique. They mastered the profession of drivers and pilots, win medals at world championships, and head enterprises and organizations. But their main achievement is motherhood.

Moms invited to the solemn event realized themselves in this role more than once: they gave birth and bring up five and more children. And everyone was surrounded by love, care and attention. And this is a serious work that does not know weekends and holidays, does not accept sick leave and fatigue.

“In our country, much attention is paid to issues of motherhood and childhood. The provision of housing, the provision of family capital, assistance in raising and educating children, solving everyday problems for large families - all of this is under the constant control of the Head of State and the entire vertical of the executive branch,” said Alexander Turchin, chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, addressing mothers. - And it brings a good result. The number of large families is increasing. Now in the Minsk region there are almost 19 thousand of them, more than 60 thousand children are being brought up in them.”

The head of the central region emphasized that the maternal mission is second to none. The choice in favor of a large and strong family is a crucial step requiring tremendous spiritual and physical strength. Growing up, giving a decent education, as the people say, “put on the feet” of five or more children, is a real female feat that deserves a high sign of maternal valor. That is why the President of the Republic of Belarus decided to award the Order of the Mother.

Along with the words of gratitude, Alexander Turchin presented the mothers with many children with well-deserved awards, which are confirmation of their high maternal qualities and gratitude for the upbringing of new citizens of our country.

In response, on behalf of all the mothers, a resident of the Minsk region Kristina Yanchiy spoke. She sincerely thanked for the support provided to large families in Belarus and promised to raise true patriots of our Motherland.

Olga Rodevich, mother of five children from Berezino, agrees with her. “Thanks to the support of the state, we built a house where each child has his own room and this is a great happiness. Did I plan to become a mother of many children? Of course, after all, she herself grew up in a large family, Olga shared. - Is it difficult? It's not always the same. But I am a teacher by education, and it helps a lot. Children are the most valuable gift. From childhood we accustom ourselves to work and mutual assistance.”

After the award ceremony, an open dialogue took place during which mothers with many children talked with the head of the region and asked Alexander Turchin exciting questions.

And in the evening they will take part in a ceremony with the participation of the President, which will be held in the Palace of the Republic.

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